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                              Singing Hill is a small business located in beautiful rural Kentucky. In January of 2019 we purchased a rural property in

                       Marion County approximately 10 miles south of Bradfordsville.    In the Spring of 2012  Mike and Caroline Eppley had moved the 

                      business to Lone Rock, Wisconsin with plans to retire there. But after spending almost 8 years in Wisconsin, it was nice, but it just 

                     did  not feel like home. It is great to be back in the mountains and back to the eastern part of the country. Both Mike and Caroline 

                     are enjoying the new chapter in their life with the move to rural Kentucky.  The business was started in 1996 near Berlin, Pennsylvania

                     and as planned this will be their final move. Both Mike and Caroline feel that Kentucky feels like home.


                           Singing Hill manufactures and sells products using pure emu oil and other natural ingredients. Products are sold retail at select

                     locations, at their home office, and on-line. They also sell wholesale.  Mike and Caroline Eppley enjoy telling people the benefits of 

                     emu oil when they stop in or call to order products.


                            Emu oil is the best way to get omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. It is the natural way rejuvenate your body. You will feel the benefits with

                    each of our products. The emu oil we use in our products is rendered, refined, and tested in an AOCS lab to meet the standards  set by

                    the (AEA) American Emu Association.


                             The Pet Shampoo is our formula. It is a concentrated shampoo with Emu Oil and Essential Oils. It is a shampoo for dogs. puppies, 

                     and can be used on other pets. When used on your pet it will help to repel insects and it  will help to improve the quality of your pets

                     coat and skin. It is recommended by Breeders, Veterinarians, Groomers, and Pet Stores.




                                                                                         All of our products are people tested, not animal tested.          


We offer the following products for you and your pet:


                                                                                        Pet Shampoo           Pain Relief Cream          



We sell our products retail and wholesale .

                                                                       If you are interested in selling Singing Hill products, feel free to contact us.

EPPLEY'S EMU -    324 Malone Rd, Bradfordsville, KY 40009